Amara La Negra Naked! Why?

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Video Amara La Negra Naked! Why?

You guys doing isaiah francis here thanks for checking in i want to speak on on the beautiful amara. The negra. The breakout star from love hip hop. Miami. Who the dj producer on her afro and her beautiful black skin and her latino afro latino descent i want to say this is a very beautiful very talented woman but i want to speak on some photos that surfaced on her instagram. Some semi new photos and i was saying you’re looking at these photos and i was wondering why was this beautiful talented woman do this why would she put herself out like that what is she trying to prove and the caption

That she had under the photos was on the lines of something like if you’re not gonna love yourself. Who is who will and i’m just saying thinking like why would she do this is it for justification. A lot of actresses and a lot of female entertainers at one point in time have placed out photos or videos of themselves and new semi new. Through media outlets or social media. Somehow i remember when halle berry um. Did a movie

And she reveals her breasts in the movie. So like i say i’m just found why do women do this what what are you trying to gain. What are you trying to prove because i believe that a woman can get anywhere that she needs to be just to you know her intelligent mind and here. We have a model integra who’s standing up for black people standing up for latino standing up for social change is a very beautiful intelligent woman who can get anywhere that she needs to be just off how smart. She is you know i want to know why would she do this and maybe she did it because you know she’s trying to show that she appreciates who appreciates who she is as a black woman and as a latino and that she wants other black women and other latino women to love and appreciate who they are because i was reading an article and she was basically saying that in her culture in the last culture latino. Many latinos not all

But many are taught to straight away from a relationship with a black person. So maybe. She is basically putting these photos out there to show that she is beautiful you know for who she is and that is a black woman. But i want you guys to know uh tell me you know why do you think she put the photos out there once again. I believe that a woman can get anywhere that she needs to be just off her intelligence. She doesn’t have to show her body whatsoever

But once again a marlin eckhart is in the entertainment industry and entertainment is based off physical appeal and talent. But more physical appeal. So you guys let me know what you think okay please like the video that way. The discussion can spread. And more people can put the input. Thank you

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